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        Even though on February 9th, 1964, I was

already into music from the likes of Elvis Presley,

Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison and Eddie Cochran,

among others, it was on that date I decided I

wanted to be a musician. Yep, that was the night

the Beatles debuted on the Ed Sullivan Show. Like

tens of thousands of other young people watching,

I wanted to be in a band and play music.

        During the following decade I played in

several garage bands, took keyboard lessons,

guitar lessons, boys chorus, music theory and

drama. After landing a gig in local favorite band

The Livin' End in 1969 and playing in a couple of

regional bands from Richmond and Newport

News, my vocal, front man and guitar abilities

began to atract attention. By fall of 1974, I was

invited to play with Richmond favorite, Sandcastle.

The 90's to 2009

        Time passed, and in fall of 1996 I decided to

try playing part time again with a friend I met while

in Sandcastle, Stanley Burnell. I played in

Stanley's band Journey Back until June 30th,

2002 when we all decided to take a break after

almost 6 years of playing 20-25 weekends per


        After Journey Back I spent the next 2 years

developing recording techniques while dealing

with health issues and recovering. In 2005, I

auditioned for the Outer Banks Music Showcase

and performed as a cast member for the 2005

regular season. After advertising for a partner to

do a duo project with, I met Cynthia Fordham.

Cynthia and I developed It Takes Two, a duo band

and played locally for the next 1 1/2 years.

The early years playing at Buckroe Beach, Hampton VA. The Livin' End with Jamie Jones, Mac McCarty, Billy Etheridge,Tommy Espinola and
Regis Guerst...

 Sandcastle around mid to late 1977

Sandcastle performing at The White House at Susan Fords high school prom on May 31st, 1975. This is in the East Wing or Green Room of The White House...

The 70's

        Sandcastle was a top 40 and pop rock

variety band and a huge favorite around

Richmond as well as a large part of the

southeast. While playing with Sandcastle I

played on the same bills with The Tamms, The

Drifters, The Coasters, Chubby Checker,

Danny and The Juniors, The Showmen and

Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band. In

spring of 1975 I had the honor of performing

at Susan Fords high school prom in the east

room of the White House.

        I wrote several original songs while in

Sandcastle 'You Make Me Feel', 'Free Man'

and 'Good Life'. Free Man and Good Life went

on to win quarter finalist awards at The

American Song Festival. I played with

Sandcastle off and on for 6 1/2 years in one

capacity or another until spring of 1981 when I

took a break from playing music full time.

This was the final lineup during my tenure with The Livin' End. From left to right, standing and sitting, Gary Thon, Mac McCarty, Billy Etheridge, Jamie Jones and Billy Ames


        What I have always liked about playing

music, is the excitement of the live

performance. That "on the cutting edge"

feeling of performing for an audience is

what really excites me about playing music.

        Currently, I play acoustic guitar/vocal

solo as well as duo performances. Playing

time tested classics, one hit wonders and

popular tunes from the 60's, 70's, 80's &


Journey Back promo picture in fall of 1996 with (left to right), Don Bowers, Larry Burnell, Stanley Burnell and Billy Etheridge

It Takes Two performing at Abbey Road, Virginia Beach, VA, with Cynthia Fordham and Billy Etheridge

Billy Etheridge


 A dance with Susan Ford